It's not just our job, it's our personal mission.

Savage Security’s mission is first and foremost to improve the state of security and defensive posture of its clients and the industry as a whole. At its core, Savage Security is an applied research firm. Transparency is critical to applied research, and as such, everything we do both draws from and feeds into the community and industry. By inviting open conversation and criticism on our ideas and strategies, we benefit from perspective and experience far beyond what our business or any single organization could achieve. The results benefit everyone - regardless of whether they ever do business with us.

We are product agnostic - even when it comes to our own products. We'll make every effort to achieve your goals with the resources and assets you already own, if possible. The goals of security are often at odds with the goals of the businesses that serve the industry. Defensive postures often do not increase with spending on security products and services. While these are trends we actively fight against, we don't vilify the industry or take a hard stance against the use of commercial products. If a product works, it works.

It is no coincidence that our 'by whatever means necessary' approach mirrors the approach used by criminals and other sources of threats. Malicious actors have long benefited from openness and a willingness to take advantage of anything that gets the job done. Having our hands tied, whether as a result of vendor lock-in or outdated thinking, has held us back long enough.

It's time to shed the slack.

It's time to get rid of the products, strategies and ideas that don't work.

It's time to even the odds.

It's time to go Savage.