We've set out to change the industry for good.

Savage Security was founded by cyber-security veterans out of the need for a change in the industry. We felt that the InfoSec industry focused too heavily on products to band-aid problems, instead of getting to the crux of the issue. Furthermore, it seemed like most security vendors and manufacturers were really just sales organizations, that happened to sell security. To be quite frank, we were tired of seeing organizations continue to be misled by vendors, and we aim to put a stop to it through applied research, and making our findings and recommendations public. We believe that most organizations already own everything they need to build a resilient and secure network. Many times, we find that we can actually save customers money as well, by identifying the products in their environment that either overlap or are giving no value.

Our goal is to give customers durable and lasting solutions, while educating them to help them understand why they are vulnerable and how they can put processes and controls in place to keep attackers out, for good. We use this same mantra with our more traditional services, such as penetration tests, as well. We don’t simply give our customers a remediation plan and say “see you next year!” Instead, we build time in to actually walk through the remediation strategies in each customer’s environment to educate and train their staff, document and enact processes, and to ultimately make sure it’s never a vulnerability again.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what Savage Security is all about. Demystifying security for our customers, building sustainable and lasting security processes, and always focusing on research first. We feel that by doing so, we will be our customers’ trusted advisors for any security questions or needs that may arise.